Surf Lesson Senggigi Lombok. Senggigi area is the best place to learn how to surf, especially for beginners with zero experience.

Not many people know that Sengggi area is great for learning to surf because many places are only known by local people. For a local, a quiet place is a haven for surfers without being disturbed by other surfers, especially for those who are learning.

surf lesson senggigi lombok

The reason Senggigi is the best spot for beginners?

  1. The spot is empty and not crowded as in Kuta Lombok or Bali, which means everyone will learn faster.
  2. Offers lots of surf spots for beginners to an intermediate level only known by local people.
  3. Safe for learning how to surf. Fewer people on the spot will give good space between other surfers soo everyone can learn safety.

At our surf school, we offer three different services of surf lesson Senggigi Lombok:

  1. Private surf lesson. The lesson was designed personal instructor, perfect for students who wish to have more personal experience to make progress faster. Private surf lessons also recommend for kids under 12 years of age.
  2. Semiprivate surf lesson. The lesson class is best for couples on the same level. Semiprivate in which two students with one instructor.
  3. Group surf lesson. The classes recommend if you are in a small group minimum of 3 people at the same level with one instructor.

Surf Equipment.

in every surfing class, we provide well-maintained equipment from surfboards, rash vests, board leashes, and a first aid kit. We believe when you feel comfortable learning to surf, you will learn well so that improvements during learning will continue to occur.