Semiprivate Surf Lessons

Semiprivate surf lessons Lombok is perfect for couples or friends who want to take surf lessons together. For the semiprivate surf lessons it is best if both students are at the same level, as the surf lesson will be adapted to the level of the students.

We offers really beginner surf lessons, for people who have never surfed before, who are curious about trying new things and want to experience the amazing sport called surfing!

We offer three different services for beginning surfers of all ages, applicable to different levels of skills. Available surf camp packages if you surf and accommodation.

semiprivate surf lessons

There are three level of surf we offers to you:

1. Beginner surf lesson – Basic level ( Introduction to surfing )


During this lesson you will learn:

  • The different designs and functions of the surfboard
  • Basic board skills:
    1. How to position your body while paddling and how to paddle efficiently
    2. Where to position yourself in the waves so you can catch the waves
    3. In what way you have to take off
    4. What is the best body positioning while riding the waves
    5. How to get into a basic wave and ride the wave
    6. To observe and analyze the surfing area and evaluate the safest place to enter and exit the area
    7. Safety measures and surfing etiquette

Semiprivate surf lesson

How to book?

  1. Fill booking form, Email or whats app us for availability by sending date and number of participant
  2. Deposit required minimum USD20/person to secure your booking once you get available confirmation by Nayaka team.
  3. Send your detail such as arrival date, pick up area, etc
  4. Check your booking status at our booking list

Price USD 38.00 / person / lesson


  1. Wet suite/rash vest
  2. Booties/reef shoes
  3. Surf board rental
  4. Surf instructor
  5. Mineral water
  6. Transport to surf spot and back

Price does not include:

  1. Soft drinks
  2. Lunch
  3. Other personal expenses

2. Semi-private surf lessons Lombok – Surf Course Level 2

DURATION: 3 Lessons (each lesson takes 2 hours)

During these lessons you will learn:

  • Learn how to pop up faster
  • Improve paddle skill and pop up technique
  • Channel identification
  • Surfing etiquette
  • Balance on the board
  • Controlling the speed of a surfboard
  • Correct wave position – where to take off?
  • Sit on the board and facing wave
  • Learn to turn the board faster
  • Read the green wave and take your own wave start from small wave.

3. Beginner surf lessons – surf course ( Level 3 with 6 lessons class )

DURATION:  each lesson takes 2 hours

During this lesson you will learn how to:

  • Intro level 1
  • Surf course level 2
  • Change board from soft to hard board
  • Green wave take off and turn the board
  • Know which waves you have to avoid and which waves are possible to catch
  • Understand the “lineup” and advanced safety measures
  • Identifying the types of waves most suitable for surfing

The price includes:

  • Pick up in Senggigi area
  • Surf board rental
  • Surf instructor
  • Wet suit/shirt
  • Booties/reef shoes
  • Mineral water

The price doesn’t include:

  • Airport transfer
  • Board shorts
  • Soft drinks
  • Lunch
  • Tips and other personal expenses

Surf school facilities:
First aid kits, life guard, photos by GPro

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