Donations for homeless dogs. We from Nayaka surf school are committed to helping one of the dog shelters located near our office. This shelter really needs help as they adopted around 65 dogs that were abandoned by their owners.

When we visited this shelter, the conditions were very poor, they really needed help, especially feeding the dogs. Meanwhile, the condition of the existing dogs is still wild, so it is very necessary to make cages so they don’t roam around and disturb the people around them.

We are currently setting aside profits to buy dog ​​food as well as raising funds to build a house so all the dogs can stay well.

donations for homeless dogs

Uncontrollable dog population

When you visit Lombok Island, you will find many wild dogs roaming freely without owners. Another reason also many people keep dogs but they are not ready to have puppies, when they have puppies they will find a way to get rid of the puppies, and we also focus on rescuing abandoned puppies.

donations for homeless dogs

Donations for homeless dogs

We invite you to join us and help rescue and protect animals.

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